My Twitter bots on ConoHa


This entry is written for ConoHa Advent Calendar 2019. I’m happy to join it.

I have been using the ConoHa VPS service for over four years. I use it mainly to execute the Twitter bots made by myself. In this entry I’ll introduce what bots I have made. This entry itself is not deeply related to the ConoHa service.

Why I use ConoHa

This entry is written for ConoHa Advent Calendar. Thus first I explain why I have been using ConoHa as the server that execute my Twitter bots.

Simple price

When I started to use another VPS service, I didn’t feel that it was comfortable. The charge was based on monthly use and, even when I stopped, they cost me full price per month.

In this point, ConoHa VPS is good. It is charged by hours and the charge is limited up to 900 yen (plus tax) a month. I can use it or stop it whenever I want and even if I keep it running, I pay it for 900 yen a month. It’s a very good point.

Student discount

Last year I was a Ph.D. course student. So I was given an opportunity to buy ConoHa card by 10 percent off by student discount. Now I continue paying charge for ConoHa by its coupon.

I am now a project researcher, a official faculty member. That campaign is even for school personnel. So I’ll purchase another card in the near future.


In this year, you know, another very major cloud service in Tokyo region was once down. Many Internet servers were stopped. But my bots were working perfectly then. Actually, I have never stopped my bots due to the ConoHa service incident for over four years. Very robust.


Sunaemon is a junior in school of mine. He retweets a lot of cute anime pictures by hands in @sunaemonRT. But it often contain racy or sexual pictures. When I was a Ph.D. student, I had to avoid seeing them in my graduate students room not to fall under harassment. So I made @sunaemonRT_univ. It automatically avoid tweets with racy or sexual pictures by Microsoft Computer Vision API.


Prof. Kawahigashi is a famous professor in Todai specialized in operator algebra. He has been using plain HTML files to publish his news for over 20 years. I decided to make a bot to perse it into tweets without his permission. It seems that many mathematician follow this account and they are happy to see his notable or funny news.

Other Slack bots

When I was a teaching assistant, I had been executing a lot of Slack bots. They ran on ConoHa VPS, too.


Using the ConoHa VPS service, I am satisfied with its quality. In addition, Conoha-chan is cute. I will keep using it.