Erased articles


I deleted some past articles in Japanese. I’ll explain why here.

About math

On the Internet, we have access to good articles. Thus almost nobody have to write about professional math, either do I. So my articles are no longer needed as themselves.

If you want good information on math, you should read Prof. Tao’s career advice. It is very nice of course, but between Japan and U.S., how you study math is different, for instance in terms of syllabus. Thus, if you are studying math in Japanese way, Prof. Kawahigashi’s document will be good tips.

Who needs my articles?

I don’t want to be burned

Although it is very regrettable, I have gradually realized that I can’t communicate with some Japanese people almost at all. They are fluent in Japanese and use difficult words correctly, sometimes even better than I. But it does not necessarily mean that they can understand me.

I noticed, however, people who can communicate with me can read and write in English. They can understand me in English and express themselves in English, too. So I decided to use English for my daily use.

In addition, I don’t want to waste my time dealing with dumb people who are searching for burning tweets or articles. They live in Twitter 24 hours/day. I want to communicate only with pleasant people with joy. I never want to use Twitter or my diary with disgusting way.

What I left

Although I don’t want to be burned, I left some articles. I suppose that they are read by junior or senior high school students in Japan. In my opinion, information for them should be given in Japanese rather than in English. If the benefit for them is much huger than the possibility to be burned, I decide to leave them.

I find that students who are willing to enter university in Japan will face more difficulties than we did around 10 years ago. I hope some of my articles will help them.