My plan to study English


Next step

According to Narishika-san, if you want to avoid to look up unknown words in a dictionary in the future, you need to memorize about 30,000 words. I see what he means, but I guess it is not so of utmost importance for me. What I should do is memorize quite limited words such as listed in good word book for instance Teppeki. I guess at the moment I have almost finished memorize Teppeki. So I proceed the next step.

For that reason, I stress in the point that I continue to read 100%-surely correct sentences in English. It is more effective to read only correct English than to distinguish wrong sentences among materials.


So I make it a rule to read and listen to the following materials in the dairy study.

  • Center exams,
  • The highest level of textbooks in English Communication IIII,
  • Todai entrance exams,
  • Todai open exams.

I believe they have no errors at all.

I need at least 3 years to complete all of them. Here I count how many words I will have to read roughly.

  • Center exams: About $4000$ words/set $\times 26$ sets $ \approx 10 ^ 5$ words.
  • The highest level of textbooks in English Communication IIII: About $10^4$ words/book $\times 9$ books $\approx 10^5$ words.
  • Todai entrance exams: About $4000$ words/year $\times 50$ years $\approx 2 \times 10 ^ 5$ words.
  • Todai open exams: About $4000$ words/sets $\times 50$ sets $\approx 2 \times 10 ^ 5$ words.

So I will have read $6 \times 10 ^ 5$ words very precisely after $3$ years later. Of course this is not enough at all. But if I want to work more, it will lack the quality. I continue to work on them and after finishing all of them, I’ll consider the plan again.