The reason I tweet in English



私にリプライや DM を送るときは日本語でもちろん結構です。英語でもいいですが、相手が日本語通じる人だとわかれば私は日本語で返します。私も日本語がわかる人にリプライを送るときは日本語で送ります。


Main part

Today, I started to tweet in English. I’ll write this diary in English in the future, too. Let me explain why.

In February this year, it was sure that I would get Ph.D. in March. Thus I started the activity of getting jobs. But what that actuary was is not what I thought it was. Almost all Japanese companies or Japanese subsidiaries were very, too hard to me. It seemed that they thought that my Ph.D. course was nothing but a waste of time and a person who was 29 years old was very old for starting work. I have been tired of those treatments till now.

Here I note that there are a few Japanese companies or Japanese subsidiaries which does not treat me like that. I really appreciate them. I won’t forget their consideration.

However, things had been gradually changed when I made LinkedIn account. I submitted my resume to several open positions which contained “C++” word. I want to work with C++. I want to read and write C++ as my dairy work.

I was surprised that, many recruiters, many interviewer and many CTO/CEOs from overseas were very kind to me. Yes, as Japanese companies and Japanese subsidiaries did, they interviewed me. But their purpose was very different. They were confident that I was so able that I had got Ph.D. It seemed that they simply checked that my Ph.D. was never a “false” Ph.D. or some lucky thing.

In my experience above, I might well say people from overseas think as follows: Ph.D > coding interviews » normal interviews »»»»»» other things which normal Japanese companies or Japanese subsidiaries want.

At the ultimate point, I still don’t understand what normal Japanese people want in the interviews, and I surely don’t have those things; I don’t know why but it’s true.

Through these experience, I feel that I will have no choice but working abroad in the future. I do feel I’ll have to leave Japan, whose people tends to look down on me without any rational reasons I can understand. Almost all the people who kindly evaluate me are those from overseas, except a few Japanese people. Indeed, there are many difficulties for me to work abroad, for instance, how I get a visa. But in the future, I’ll leave Japan. It’s like a natural phenomenon.

Therefore, I no longer have any reason to write things or materials in Japanese, since Japanese languages can be read only by Japanese people or people studying Japanese language. For my bright future, it is good to write things in English. So I decided to tweet in English as my rule. As a result, my entries in the future will be written in English, including entries for reviewing AtCoder contests.